When To Replace A Heating Oil Tank

These are the signs to look for

heating oil tank Barnstable, MA We have both good news and bad news when it comes to your heating oil tank. The good news is that homeowners with heating oil tanks can count on these tanks lasting a long time. The bad news is that, like most things in and around our homes, heating oil tanks do not last forever. Figuring out when to replace them is essential to keeping certain things within your home up and running.

How long heating oil tanks last

Heating oil tanks are intentionally usually built to last a long time. On average, you can expect to get about 15 to 20 years out of an oil tank as long you are properly maintaining it. If you are lucky and take especially good care of your tank you can sometimes expect it to last closer to 30 years.

Signs that your heating oil tank needs to be replaced

Heating oil tanks typically need to be replaced due to corrosion. This happens when condensation and sediment form inside your tank. Basically, tanks start to corrode inside and then that corrosion eventually makes its way outside. Some signs that your tank is corroded and that you may need a tank replacement include:

When to replace your heating oil tank

Most people don’t realize that their heating oil tanks need to be replaced until the winter months when they are in frequent use. But spring is actually the ideal time to replace them since this is when heating equipment is not in such high demand. Lower demand means better prices and that it will be easier to schedule a time to have someone install a new tank.

So don’t wait until it gets cold to check your tank for the above warning signs!

Regular and routine maintenance from the experts at Cape Cod Oil & Propane also helps keep you in the clear from needing an emergency oil tank replacement. We are trained to make sure your tank is working properly and that it is in the shape it needs to be in to get its job done.

Cape Cod Oil & Propane can upgrade your heating oil tank

When it comes time to replace your heating oil tank, Cape Cod Oil & Propane can help.

We carry a variety of heating oil tanks in various sizes. Once you select a size that works for you and your home, our team can handle a smooth installation, transfer whatever oil you have left in your old tank to your new tank and dispose of your old tank.

When you need heating oil for your upgraded tank. Cape Cod Oil & Propane can handle that too. We deliver heating oil all throughout Cape Cod!

So if you think your heating oil tank is on the verge of needing to be replaced or if you need a heating oil delivery, contact Cape Cod Oil & Propane today!