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High-quality heating fuel for your Cape Cod business — delivered reliably!

commercial heating oil

If you run a business that uses heating oil, you know there’s little room for error when it comes to running out of fuel. That’s why Cape Cod Oil & Propane is the heating oil supplier you can trust in times of winter hardship.

Ever since Mike Tasha began delivering heating oil in a single truck in 1974, this company has been the most reliable and committed fuel partner on the Cape. Nearly fifty years later, Mike’s wife, Halcyone, and son, Hurst, carry on his legacy. Our trucks go far beyond our initial delivery region of Provincetown and its surrounding towns. Now, you can find us delivering heating oil from Barnstable to Provincetown and all the communities in between, including Orleans, Eastham and Wellfleet.

You see, our roots in this region run deep. That’s why we can guarantee such reliable service. Unlike national suppliers, the Cape Cod Oil & Propane team is locally based and locally focused. We know the roads, weather, and regulations in this part of Massachusetts. When you need a delivery from us — we get the job done.

Our valued commercial heating oil customers

What’s your biggest concern as an oil-powered business? Keeping your restaurant’s dining room warm at night when a late-season chill is in the air? Getting all your cutlery and plates washed fast before the dinner rush? Maybe you have a hotel with an oil-fired hot water system that needs to supply almost a hundred guest showers in the same one-hour span.
At Cape Cod Oil & Propane, we understand that heating oil is about more than one system or appliance. It’s about keeping your operations humming and your customers happy — so they stay loyal to your business.

We will supply your business as if it was our own. If you need an emergency delivery or a sudden tank repair, you can reach one of our team members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And our team has the dedication and flexibility to get you the fuel you need, no matter the challenges.

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Always there with the best commercial heating oil available

Any company can deliver heating oil reliably when there’s plenty of supply out there. But what if the supply shrinks? That’s happened several times in the last few years, because of pandemics, transportation issues, and global conflicts.

When market interruptions happen, a lot of heating oil companies go silent.

But Cape Cod Oil & Propane will always be around. Over our decades of service, the Tasha family has developed strong strategic relationships with multiple suppliers. We have over 100,000 gallons of heating oil storage in facilities in Provincetown, Eastham and Harwich. We don’t need to worry about running out of fuel — neither do you!

We stand behind our fair, transparent prices and the high quality of our product. Our modern, clean-burning heating oil is ultra-low sulfur. It incorporates biofuel from organic and recycled ingredients, like seed oils, soybean oil, cooking grease, animal fats, and algae.
This product is better for the environment and your heating and hot water equipment. It leaves fewer deposits, meaning you’ll need fewer burner cleanings, and your system will last longer.

We are always ready to help your company develop a commercial heating oil delivery plan. Become a Cape Cod Oil & Propane customer.

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