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From fishing vessels to recreational seacrafts — Cape Cod Oil & Propane is your go-to marine fueling partner

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The Cape Cod Oil & Propane team fuels private and commercial sea vessels in Harwich, Barnstable, Wellfleet, Provincetown and other seaside communities on the Cape.

Since 1974, Cape Cod Oil & Propane and the Tasha family have been the most trusted marina fuel supplier in the region. If you need gasoline or red-dyed diesel delivered to an approved marina fueling location, our delivery drivers can make it happen!

In our many decades of service, Cape Cod Oil & Propane has gone from one delivery truck to a whole fleet. We’ve expanded our reach and slate of services, but we never lost the nimbleness and tenacity that our founder Mike Tasha brought to his work. When other fuel companies can’t make a delivery — because of weather, fuel shortages or challenging roadways — we get the job done.

Whether you’re at the beginning of a long day of transporting cargo or casting off for a relaxing afternoon cruising around Chatham Harbor, you can be confident that you’ll have the fuel you need. As a locally-based, family-owned company, we can accommodate emergency deliveries and last-minute rescheduling, even when the bigger companies can’t!

Our valued marina fuel companies

We can accommodate any size sea vessel, both private and commercial. Our marine fuel customers include:

Have you been disappointed by other fuel companies because of your vessel’s location or special requirements? Contact Cape Cod Oil & Propane — we can generally find a marina fueling solution when our competitors throw up their hands and give up. And our marina fuel team can discuss your particular seacraft’s needs to come up with a recurring delivery schedule. You’ll never have a dry tank again!

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Our marina fuel options

Since we service a range of different boats and larger vessels, the Cape Cod Oil & Propane team can deliver two different fuels to your marina:

Gasoline — We can deliver standard unleaded, mid-grade, and premium ethanol-free gasoline. This is traditionally used in smaller vessels and boats with outboard motors. We recommend ethanol-free fuel to protect your engine and extend its lifespan.

Off-road diesel — Our high-quality low-sulfur red diesel is the fuel of choice for larger commercial vessels. The off-road diesel we deliver is clean-burning and conforms to Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Cape Cod Oil & Propane maintains dependable relationships with multiple fuel suppliers. That means we’ll always have the fuel your sea vessel requires. With nearly five decades of service on the Cape, our team understands the range of private and commercial craft that frequent our waters. You’re in good hands with us.

Along the Lower and Outer Cape, our company is trusted to keep marinas and sea vessels fueled. Drop us a line to discuss what you need. We’re ready to help!

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