Heating Oil Services on Cape Cod

Let Cape Cod Oil & Propane’s team handle all your heating oil delivery, storage and system needs

heating oil services

Since 1974, Cape Cod Oil & Propane has delivered heating oil and peace of mind to families from Provincetown to Barnstable. Mike Tasha’s team began with one truck delivering our fuel; today, we’re quite a bit larger. But we’re still the locally focused family-run business we’ve always been.

Not your grandparents’ heating oil

Some people still think of heating oil as the fuel from decades ago that produced dark smoke and left soot and ash behind. The heating oil of today is so far removed from the product our parents and grandparents used that it’s hard to believe they have anything in common.
Today’s heating oil has a sulfur content that’s only a tiny fraction of what it was, dramatically reducing its sulfur oxide emissions. Our heating oil also incorporates biofuel made from organic and recycled ingredients like seed oils, soybean oil, cooking grease, animal fats, and algae. This reduces carbon emissions while retaining the same heating power it’s always had.

We’re your committed local heating oil company

Our team is proud of the trust we’ve earned in this region with the most dependable heating oil delivery around. We offer a full slate of benefits and programs to our customers, including:

Heating oil tank installation, maintenance, and repair.
Free automatic delivery service, where Cape Cod Oil & Propane’s team tracks your fuel levels and delivers heating oil right when you’ll need it. (We also offer will-call for those who want to call in their deliveries.)

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Payment and pricing programs, including:more heating oil services

Oil-fired boiler and furnace installation, maintenance, and repairs
We also deliver heating oil to commercial customers.

For more information about our heating oil delivery and services on Cape Cod, contact us today.

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