Heating Oil Pricing and Payments

Protect your fuel price and make your payments stress-free

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With a half-century of serving families across the Cape, we understand the importance of fair and transparent pricing. Trust is central to the Tasha family’s decades-long relationship with this region. We want Cape Cod Oil & Propane customers to trust us always to be there when they need a heating oil delivery — and that we’re quoting them a fair price.

We offer pricing and payment programs to make your energy budgeting easier and stress-free.

Monthly Budget Plan

When your home’s heating and hot water run on heating oil, most of your deliveries happen over four or five months in the fall and winter. If you pay for your fuel on delivery, almost all of your energy spending is concentrated in these months.

Our Monthly Budget Plan spreads these expenses out over 12 regular, predictable payments. This takes the stress and uncertainty out of paying for heating oil. You’ll pay the same amount every month, even when you get two deliveries in a month. And your winter payments will be cut in half!

There’s no additional fee to enroll. If you end up spending more or less on heating oil than we estimated, we can adjust your plan. In the end, you only pay for the fuel you received at the price on the day of delivery — not a cent more.

Budget Plans generally begin in September and run through August, but we’re flexible. Contact us if you’re interested in enrolling.

Price Cap protection

Fuel prices fluctuate. This adds an aggravating uncertainty to your annual fuel costs. But Cape Cod Oil & Propane has a solution — a Price Cap program. With this program, we set a limit on how high your heating oil price can rise per gallon, based on the retail price of oil at the time. However, if the price of heating oil drops below the cap amount, you pay the lower amount.

Bear in mind that there is a charge associated with Price Cap protection since suppliers charge a premium to us. Even so, a cap helps limit your exposure to surges in the oil market.
And for maximum price protection, you can pair a Price Cap with a Monthly Budget for a Price Cap Budget.

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Online billing and payments

Cape Cod Oil & Propane also offers ways to simplify your billing and payments and reduce your paper waste. Set up your Cape Cod Oil & Propane customer account, and you can take advantage of:
Online Autopay — Forget about the stamp and checkbook. You don’t have to count on the postal service anymore to pay us. Instead, you can pay automatically every month through the Cape Cod Oil & Propane website. We accept all major credit cards.

Paperless billing — Receive your statements, invoices, and delivery tickets through email. You will have a full digital billing record!

Contact us to learn more about our flexible, convenient pricing and payment options.

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