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Ever since Hurst Tasha put our family name on his 379 Peterbilt in 1995, Tasha Trucking has been hauling crucial fuels to homes, businesses, farms, construction sites, and marinas across the Cape. You’ve likely seen our immediately recognizable trucks on the road.

What separates our company from other fuel providers is our team’s dependability, professionalism, and friendliness. This begins with our drivers. They never fail to get the job done — even if it’s the middle of the night, a gusty nor’easter is bearing down, or our customer is in a challenging location for a large vehicle to maneuver.

We can haul your fuel, too! You can enjoy the world-class service that Cape Cod Oil & Propane customers rely on. Choose Tasha Trucking to transport and deliver your product.

What Tasha Trucking hauls

Our drivers are certified to deliver a range of specialized and volatile products like:

Our customers include service stations and other resellers. When your supplier cannot make the connection between their facility, railcar, or ship, and your business, Tasha Trucking will find a solution.

Get the reliable propane delivery service that you deserve. Become a Cape Cod Oil & Propane customer today! Join the family.
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World-class service from a top-notch team

At Tasha Trucking, we believe in providing businesses with the best service in the region at every point of the process. This means:

You can rest assured that you’ll receive your fuel safely and promptly from a smiling face. That’s the Tasha guarantee!

Do you need a dependable company to transport and deliver your fuel? Check our service area to see if Tasha Trucking serves your region.

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