The Tasha Trucking Story

How the Tasha family brought superior fuel transportation to Cape Cod

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You could say that dependable fuel delivery runs in the Tasha family.

When Hurst Tasha first emblazoned his 379 Peterbilt rig with his family name, Tasha Trucking was born. That was in 1995, and Tasha has become an instantly recognizable name across Cape Cod. But even before Hurst began this company, reliable trucking was a part of the family heritage. His father Mike — founder of Cape Cod Oil & Propane — began his career delivering home heating fuel in and around Provincetown. When he started his own home comfort business in 1974, Mike soon expanded operations through the entire Cape.

Now, Hurst Tasha carries on his father’s legacy with Tasha Trucking. Our transport and delivery services draw from the same commitment to superior service and safety that Mike instilled. We now deliver fuel up and down the main routes throughout New England! We haul bulk gasoline, diesel, heating fuel, and propane in Cape Cod, across Massachusetts, and into Connecticut, New York, and other nearby states.

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The Tasha family has always been dedicated to dependable service from a superb team. If you’re interested in becoming a Tasha customer, take a look at our services and see if we provide shipping in your town.

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