Heating Oil Tank Installation and Maintenance

Replacing, servicing and repairing oil storage tanks for Cape Cod families

heating oil tanks

Having a heating oil storage tank in your home means you have an independent fuel supply to heat your living space and water. And heating oil tanks are among your house’s most durable, long-lasting objects. A heating oil tank can serve your home for 30 years or more with little to no issues.

Of course, this means that you could live in a home for multiple decades without ever having to replace your heating oil tank. Luckily the team at Cape Cod Oil & Propane can handle just about any heating oil tank repair and, if necessary, replacement. Our technicians have installed and serviced tanks throughout the Cape, from Provincetown to Barnstable and plenty of towns in between.

The importance of heating oil tank maintenance

Oil storage tanks last a long time — but not forever. Unfortunately, most of the deterioration occurs inside the tank, where you can’t see it with your naked eye. Condensation inside can lead to rusting, corrosion and sediment buildup. All of that is bad.

And if your tank springs a leak, you could be on the hook for extremely pricy cleaning and environmental remediation costs. The Cape Cod Oil & Propane experts can inspect your old tank and determine if it needs to be replaced. If your current tank is over 25 years old, call us right away if you see any of these warning signs of possible corrosion:

Also, keep an eye open for unstable tank legs or broken components, like the vent alarm, fuel gauge, or oil lines.

In many cases, we can repair your older tank, but sometimes it will be necessary to replace it entirely.

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Replacing your heating oil tank

Cape Cod Oil & Propane carries a range of heating oil tank sizes. Far and away, the most popular size for homes on the Cape is a 275-gallon model. This tank is suitable for a three-bedroom house. We have models that can accommodate larger or smaller residences.
Today’s tanks are light-years ahead of the old models. They’re corrosion-proof and have double-wall construction, making them even more durable than their predecessors. They’re practically leak-proof!

The team at Cape Cod Oil & Propane will get your new, top-of-the-line tank installed with minimal interruption in your daily routine. We’ll transfer any remaining oil from the old tank, then cut it up and transport it away for disposal. Our team will ensure that your new storage meets all state and local requirements and that all necessary cleaning and testing have been completed.

We stand by our work — after all, we deliver heating oil as well. It’s always been important to the Tasha family to develop long-term, dependable relationships with our customers. You’re our neighbors, and we treat you that way.

Is your current heating oil storage tank nearing retirement? If so, contact us today to arrange an assessment for our technical team.

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