How To Change Your Grill’s Propane Tank

How To Change Your Grill’s Propane Tank We can quickly and conveniently refill your propane cylinder today! As is usually the case in late spring on Cape Cod, the weather is just about perfect. This begs the question: why aren’t you grilling out every night of the week? If you haven’t opened up your freestanding […]

How Efficient is Propane?

How Efficient is Propane? Comparing propane to electricity, natural gas and other home fuels. Every week, we talk to homeowners from Provincetown to the South Shore who are curious about switching to propane from another energy source. Some are tired of losing all their systems and appliances during a grid outage. Others want a versatile […]

What Are My Propane Tank Size Options?

What Are My Propane Tank Size Options? We’ll help you choose the right tank for your heating and appliances. When you come on board with a new propane provider, one of the first things you generally do is arrange a new propane tank. It’s not always easy to know how large of a tank your […]

5 Common Heating Oil Delivery Questions

Answers to some of the most frequent home heating questions we get. Have you recently moved into an oil-heated home and aren’t sure how to plan for heating oil delivery? We get it, and we can help. Since 1974, Cape Cod Oil & Propane has been delivering heating oil from Provincetown to Falmouth and plenty […]

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Welcome to Our New Website and Blog! Cape Cod Oil & Propane has a new look and lots of new resources If you live on the Upper, Lower, or Outer Cape, there’s an excellent chance you’ve seen the Cape Cod Oil & Propane name or noticed one of our iconic Tasha Trucking delivery vehicles on […]