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There’s no disputing that the warmer months in this part of Massachusetts are glorious. In picturesque towns from Barnstable to our home base of Provincetown, summers are grand. But the winters can be brutal. You can expect multiple weeks of subfreezing weather and nighttime temperatures that creep to 0°F.

In these glacial conditions, your house needs effective heating. Even if you aren’t on the Cape in winter, your furnace or boiler must be on and working to avoid frozen and burst pipes.

Cape Cod Oil & Propane sells, installs, and maintains boilers and furnaces from trusted manufacturers like Weil-McClain. Our products are high-efficiency and can save you money on heating oil usage, and our team of skilled technicians can perform burner cleanings and just about any furnace or boiler repair you’ll need.

Boiler installation and maintenance

Let’s be honest — if your oil-fired boiler is over 15 years old, you’re on borrowed time!
Even with proper boiler maintenance, your equipment will lose quite a bit of efficiency as it approaches the end of its second decade. A 20-year-old boiler is likely running at only 60 percent or lower! That means 40 cents of every fuel dollar goes out of your chimney instead of heating your radiators or baseboards.

Contemporary boilers like the ones we sell and install reach efficiencies around 95 percent. That’s 35 percent additional efficiency you receive just for upgrading! Imagine how much less oil you’ll need to heat your home.

Today’s clean-burning heating oil leaves minimal deposits in your equipment, but getting an annual burner cleaning is still vital. At Cape Cod Oil & Propane, our technicians have these cleanings down to a fine art. We’ll perform annual burner cleaning for anyone, though Cape Cod Oil & Propane customers receive priority in scheduling.

Furnace installation and maintenance

If your home heating is forced-air with an oil-fired furnace, you can experience even more dramatic savings from upgrading to a new high-efficiency furnace. Today’s oil furnaces can reach efficiency ratings of 98.5 percent!

Our team will take the time to review your home’s unique needs to find the right model for you. Here are some factors that can alter the type of boiler you need:

Every Cape Cod Oil & Propane customer and home is different. We believe in giving you the equipment that suits your particular circumstances, not upselling you to a pricier product.

As part of our ongoing furnace maintenance, we perform yearly burner cleaning for customers and noncustomers alike. Getting yearly maintenance on your heating equipment is extremely important. It protects a pricy home comfort investment and ensures your system runs at peak efficiency. It also keeps you in compliance with your manufacturer’s warranty, which generally requires you to arrange yearly maintenance.

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No-stress boiler and furnace repairs

At Cape Cod Oil & Propane, we want to ensure the comfort of every customer. The Tasha family has served our neighbors since 1974. Our team knows the Cape’s roads and weather, and we certainly understand how frightening it can be for your home’s heat to suddenly go out at night when temperatures are in the teens.

That’s why we offer our customers 24/7 emergency repair services.

If you have a no-heat emergency, just call us, and we’ll arrange for someone to come over and get your system running again.

If you aren’t a Cape Cod Oil & Propane customer, you can still call us for repair and maintenance services, although priority is given to customers when there’s a high call volume.

Five things to check before making a no-heat call


We’re always there to help you when the heat goes out, but there are some issues you can fix yourself. Here are five things to check before calling:

  1. Check your furnace or boiler’s switches and make sure they’re all set to “on” or “start.”
  2. Check your circuit box and ensure the breaker for your heating system hasn’t been tripped. If it has, reset it and see if your heat comes on.
  3. Check your thermostat. Is it set to “heat” or “warm?” Is the temperature set to five degrees above the current room temperature? Fix the setting and see if the heat comes on.
  4. Try the reset button on your burner. Press the reset button one time only. If the burner doesn’t turn on in 10 seconds, call us.
  5. Check your oil tank’s gauge level. You might have run out of oil, at which point we’ll need to make an emergency delivery. In the future, you can enroll in automatic delivery at no charge and avoid runouts altogether!

Are you ready to upgrade your furnace or boiler and save money on fuel usage? Contact Cape Cod Oil & Propane’s team to get an estimate.

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