Diesel Delivery

On-road and off-road diesel for your Cape Cod business or municipality

clear red diesel

Local businesses and municipalities, worksites and landscapers — we can fuel anyone.

In Provincetown, Harwich, Falmouth, and countless other communities throughout Cape Cod, the Tasha family is the go-to provider of red-dyed and clear diesel. Cape Cod Oil & Propane can deliver the fuel you need to keep your on-road vehicles running and your off-road equipment humming.

How many hours each week are you wasting arranging fuel for your excavation equipment or waiting in line at a service station?

Let us solve that problem for you. Our team can arrange regularly scheduled deliveries to your worksite, business, or storage facility. All our diesel is low sulfur and complies with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards.

You can also buy our diesel fuel at:

Head of the Meadow Shell Station
435 Route 6
North Truro, MA

Dependable clear diesel for your fleet of vehicles

The Cape Cod Oil & Propane team provides undyed low-sulfur diesel when and where you need it. We proudly service commercial customers throughout the Upper, Lower, and Outer Cape, including:

Imagine all the time you’ll save by letting us handle your fueling needs. There are countless benefits to our on-site fueling services. Once we set up a delivery schedule with us, you can stop worrying about the time and miles your drivers spend driving to fuel up. They can spend that time on the road! You can stop thinking about miles per gallon or service station receipts.

You can focus on your business.

Red off-road diesel for excavation, landscaping and more!

Cape Cod Oil & Propane also provides off-road diesel for excavators, generators, landscaping tools, and other equipment used by local companies and municipalities. When you have off-road equipment and vehicles that require diesel fuel, it’s incredibly frustrating having to go off-site to get it.

Our delivery drivers can save you that trip — we’ll come to you! The Tasha family has offered this service for years. We know the roadways and commercial landscape of the Cape. Your commercial venture’s success is our number one priority!

Get the reliable propane delivery service that you deserve. Become a Cape Cod Oil & Propane customer today! Join the family.
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We want to be your local diesel partner

We know that you have many choices when it comes to diesel delivery. That’s why we work daily to ensure that we have the best full-service fueling operation on the Cape. We have great relationships with dependable suppliers and maintain our own storage facilities in Provincetown, Eastham and Harwich — comprising over 100,000 gallons of fuel.

We’ve been serving businesses, schools, and other commercial ventures for decades. Cape Cod Oil & Propane is family owned and locally focused. We aren’t a huge corporation that tosses customer issues to a web server no one checks or a call center thousands of miles away.

When you need an emergency fuel delivery, someone near you will handle the request and respond quickly. That’s the Cape Cod Oil & Propane team’s promise to you — and we work to keep it every day!

We want to start delivering premium diesel to your business. Drop us a line today and begin service.

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