Propane Tank Installation and Maintenance

Cape Cod Oil & Propane sells and rents aboveground and underground propane tanks

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Whether you’re building a new home in Plymouth, renovating one in Provincetown, or adding new propane-fired equipment in Marion, Cape Cod Oil & Propane can get you set up with the propane storage tank you need.

We can help you select the right-sized aboveground or underground storage tank for rental or purchase. Then, our expert technicians will put it in quickly, correctly, and safely. In no time, you’ll be enjoying all the benefits of propane in your Cape Cod home, from superb space and water heating to gas-fired cooking and fireplaces.

We make it easy to switch — and handle installation!

We sell and rent propane tanks in a range of sizes. Some customers prefer the freedom that comes with owning their fuel tank. However, a substantial majority of our customers choose to rent their tank. When you rent one of our storage tanks, we handle installation, and we’re always on call for propane tank maintenance. If there’s a malfunction, our team can do any propane tank repair. If you welcome a baby to the household or construct a new room, you might need more propane storage. We can switch out your tank for a larger model.

Are you on automatic delivery? We can also install a wireless tank monitor that takes all the guesswork out of tracking your propane levels. The Cape Cod Oil & Propane team will know immediately if you’re ready for a fill-up.

Cape Cod Oil & Propane carries a comprehensive range of tank sizes. We’ll talk through your needs and find the right storage solution for your home and family. Here’s a breakdown of our propane tank products.

60-gallon tanks (aboveground only) Powers one appliance, like a dryer or gas range
120-gallon tanks (aboveground only) Powers 1–2 appliances or a single water heater/ standby generator
250-gallon tanks (aboveground and underground) Powers supplemental heating or two larger appliances
325-gallon tanks (aboveground and underground) Supplies fuel for heating and a couple of appliances for a smaller home
500-gallon tanks (aboveground and underground) Supplies fuel for houses ranging from 2,500–4,500 square feet
1,000-gallon tanks (aboveground and underground) Supplies fuel for large homes (4,500 square feet or more) and commercial spaces

If you’re worried about switching to a new propane provider, let us put your mind at ease. At Cape Cod Oil & Propane, we treat you like family. We’ll go through the process, suggest equipment and storage options, and schedule an installation. Depending on the size or complexity of the changeover, we can sometimes make the change in one day. And we will work hard to keep your costs low and minimize any disruption to your daily life.

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Propane cylinder refills

Do you need propane to fire up your propane grill or outdoor heater? Does your RV require propane cylinders?

Don’t overpay with a cylinder exchange at a big-box home store. Cape Cod Oil & Propane has you covered! We have affordable cylinder refill stations near you. Just bring your portable tank to one of our locations:

Cape Cod Oil & Propane is the most trusted fuel provider in the region. Contact us today to set up a service.

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