Propane Services

We provide propane delivery services to our customers through all kinds of weather — you can count on us! 

Automatic Delivery Account

Delivery is based on information such as the uses for propane, how often the propane is being used and the size of the tank. There is no need to call with this type of account, as we track the delivery date and propane is delivered to your home automatically. Sporadic use may still require monitoring of tank level.

Will Call Delivery Account

Delivery is based on when you call our office. We do our best to make your delivery either the day that you call or the next business day. We accept American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Visa. Please ask our office about our Charge & Mail services! *Self Reliance Pricing Available*


As an oil heat (and hot water) customer who nursed an ancient (ca. 1946) furnace for decades I can attest to what great folks these people are when it comes to prompt and competent service.