What Is The Best Month To Buy Heating Oil?

order heating oil Cape Cod, ma Cape Cod residents and business owners know that come winter, their heating oil is put to good use in order to stay warm through the cold and, sometimes, bitter season. We naturally associate heating oil with the winter. However, it turns out that winter is not the best time to buy heating oil.

When Should I Buy Heating Oil?

Even though heating oil is used throughout the winter, you should not wait until winter to purchase it. In fact, the best time to purchase heating oil is in the spring and summer. Here’s why:

Heating Oil Tank Maintenance

Keeping your heating oil tank full is incredibly important, but the maintenance doesn’t stop there. While the tanks last a long time, they don’t last forever and they do require servicing, especially if you notice any rust, weird smelling odors, dents, leaks, condensation or paint bubbles. But have no fear – Cape Cod Oil & Propane is equipped to handle nearly all heating oil tank repairs and we can also replace your heating oil tank if necessary.

Cape Cod Oil & Propane’s Heating Oil Services

Cape Coil Oil & Propane has been delivering heating oil to the Cape Cod community since 1974. Our team members pride themselves on being the most dependable heating oil delivery service in the area. Our services include:

If you are looking for reliable heating oil delivery and maintenance on the Cape look no further – contact Cape Cod Oil & Propane today!