What Is Red Diesel Used For?

farm diesel Eastham, maWhen it comes to supplying Cape Cod with commercial fuel services, Cape Cod Oil & Propane is a provider you can trust. What started in 1974 with one fuel delivery truck and one service van driving around Provincetown has since become a booming company used by businesses all over the Cape, from Harwich and Falmouth to Wellfleet and Eastham.

At Cape Cod Oil & Propane, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality diesel fuel to a wide variety of local commercial businesses including restaurants, service stations and orchards. We supply bulk orders of propane for forklifts, portable heating and power generators and deliver heating oil to restaurants, hotels and resorts.

If you are looking to keep either your on-road vehicles or off-road equipment running, Cape Cod Oil & Propane can deliver diesel fuel straight to you. This includes red off-road diesel.

Red Diesel Explained & Its Uses

You commonly find red diesel fuel used in machinery and off-road vehicles within the construction and farming industries. Tractors, harvesters and similar heavy farming equipment is fueled by red diesel. When it comes to construction, cranes, bobcats, generators, backhoes and bulldozers are fueled by red diesel. Red diesel is also used within the aviation, mining and traveling industries as well as for certain engines that are found at road shows, carnivals and county fairs when the machines powered by those engines aren’t traveling on public roads.

While the makeup of your standard automobile fuel and red diesel fuel does not differ, it is illegal to use red diesel fuel in your typical commercial vehicle. You could actually incur a fine for using red diesel in an on-road vehicle.

Red diesel is preferred for off-roading activities and equipment due to its high-sulfur content. It is also made with a red dye, which makes it stand out when compared to the fuel you use for on-road vehicles.

Cape Cod Oil & Propane And Red Diesel

In addition to supplying on-road diesel fuel to moving companies, freighters, school buses, shuttle bus companies, excavation companies and landscapers throughout Upper, Lower and Outer Cape, Cod Cape Cod Oil & Propane can also be your local go to for the off-road red diesel you need for your excavators, generators, landscaping tools and a slew of additional equipment. And our delivery drivers will deliver it straight to you and will save you the hassle of having to make any inconvenient pickups.

We are ready to partner with your business and to be your premium diesel supplier. As your partner, we can assure you that we will work tirelessly to be dependable, reliable and the best full-service fueling operation that Cape Cod has to offer. As a local family owned business with decades of experience, we understand the needs of the community and make it a point to respond to all inquires and emergency calls in a timely manner.

Contact us today to hear more about the services we offer and how we can help your Cape Cod business.