What Are My Propane Tank Size Options?

We’ll help you choose the right tank for your heating and appliances.

propane tanks cape cod, ma When you come on board with a new propane provider, one of the first things you generally do is arrange a new propane tank. It’s not always easy to know how large of a tank your home needs. Hopefully, your new propane company can offer some insight.

At Cape Cod Oil & Propane, we sell and rent many different propane tank sizes. We’ve helped families from the South Shore to Provincetown choose the best tank for their houses and can answer your propane storage questions.

What’s the difference between tank size and capacity?

You may notice that after you receive a propane delivery, your tank is only filled about 80 percent. This is a safety precaution that all propane personnel do — it’s called the “80 percent fill rule.”

Depending on outside temperatures, propane can expand 17 times more than water. We allow 20 percent empty space in propane tanks to allow for this change in volume. So, for example, a 120-gallon tank has a capacity of 96 gallons.

What are standard propane tank sizes?

Here’s a rundown of some of the propane tank sizes we typically install:

It’s worth considering that not all these sizes are available in both aboveground and underground models. The 60-gallon and 120-gallon tanks must be placed above ground.

How do you decide what tank size you need?

When the Cape Cod Oil & Propane team plans for a new tank installation, we consider the following variables:

Rent your propane tank with Cape Cod Oil & Propane!

When you rent a top-quality tank from us, we will install it and handle any maintenance issues for you. If your family grows, you build an addition to the house, or you install a new gas appliance, we can change your storage to a larger tank.

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