Why Isn’t My Propane Tank Completely Full?

What you need to know about your propane tank’s levels

propane tank Barnstable, ma If you are a propane customer, you have most likely called a propane supplier to come and refill your propane tank at one point or another. You have also probably realized that, following this “refill” your propane tank is not actually completely full.

There is a chance that this left you confused and wondering why your propane supplier didn’t fill your propane tank to the max capacity.

There is actually a very good reason why he or she didn’t do so.

Why your propane tank is not at 100%

Not filling a propane tank to its maximum capacity is actually a safety precaution. Propane tanks should only be 80% full at a time to leave room for the gas to expand (since propane is a liquid it will expand as its temperature rises). Failure to leave room for this expansion puts you and your family in harms way.

Propane tanks typically come in some standard sizes (60-gallons, 120-gallons, 250-gallons, 325-gallons, 500-gallons and 1,000 gallons). Based on the above information, a 120-gallon propane tank will hold about 96 gallons of propane at once. A 500-gallon tank can be filled with about 400 gallons of propane at a time.

Since your propane tank should never be 100% full, it is recommended to never let your propane levels drop below 20%. This will keep your propane supply from running out entirely and gives you some time to place an order for a propane refill. Dropping below 20% full puts you at risk of needing a propane refill immediately, which isn’t always possible, especially during propane’s busy season.

How to read a propane tank gauge

Since keeping your tank above 20% full is important, it is equally as important to track your propane levels in one way or another.

Most propane tanks come with a gauge, which are fairly easy to read and understand.

Gauges are usually at the top of the tank under what is typically referred to as the dome. The gauge will most likely have numbers on it that go around in a circle in numeric order. You will find a needle inside the gauge and the placement of the needle lets you know how much propane is in your tank. So if the needle lines up with the number 50 your tank is about 50% full.

Cape Cod Oil & Propane offers the option of a wireless tank monitor for those who don’t want to be responsible for keeping track of their propane levels. A wireless tank monitor is a device that gets attached to your propane tank and allows us to read your propane levels in real time. We are alerted when it’s time to schedule your next propane delivery.

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