Preventing Oil Sludge in Your Tank

Deal with heating oil tank issues now — be ready for the winter ahead.

oil tank sludge Barnstable, ma It’s the time of the year when Cape Cod’s weather is “just right.” From Barnstable to Provincetown, families are reveling in perfect temperatures, sea breezes and blue skies. The last thing on your mind is the heating oil tank in your basement.

We don’t want to interrupt your good vibes, but there are precautions you need to take during summer regarding your heating oil storage. The Cape Cod Oil & Propane team works hard all year (especially in the summer) to prevent oil sludge from forming in tanks.

How does sludge form in a heating oil tank?

The sludge that forms in heating oil tanks is composed of dirt, rust and oxidized fuel. This mixture settles on the floor of your tank. The leading cause is condensation forming on the inner walls, which travels to the bottom and mixes with oxidized heating oil.

Should you be concerned about heating oil sludge?

Tank sludge can be a significant problem if it’s left to fester. Bacteria will thrive in this mix of water, grit and old fuel. If the sludge enters your fuel lines and heating equipment, it can cause damage and clogs. This will lower your heating system’s efficiency and might cause it to fail. Repairing sludge-related issues can get pricy.

Oil-powered systems are designed to prevent sludge damage. The pick-up line leading from your tank to your boiler or furnace is positioned a few inches above the bottom of the tank to avoid sludge infiltration. But an oil delivery can unsettle the sludge and send it down the line.

How can you stop the formation of heating oil sludge?

Luckily, preventing oil sludge formation is not tricky, and we can help you do it:

  1. Use high-quality heating oil. If you’re a Cape Cod Oil & Propane customer, you already have this covered. We deliver a premium product that’s great for your system.
  2. Get your heating oil system checked annually. Our technician can look at your tank and identify any lingering issues. Summer is an excellent time to arrange this maintenance since you don’t need your home’s heating equipment. Plus, our heating technicians have more availability.
  3. Don’t ignore your tank. This is especially true if your tank is over 20 years old. Get in touch with us immediately if you notice pinhole leaks, rust or condensation on the body of your tank.
  4. Keep your tank filled in the summer. Empty space in your tank during the warm season can lead to additional condensation, which leads to sludge and all the problems that come with it. Have us top off your tank in the summer. You’ll prevent sludging and be ready for the coming winter.

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