How Efficient is Propane?

Comparing propane to electricity, natural gas and other home fuels.

propane efficiency Harwich, ma Every week, we talk to homeowners from Provincetown to the South Shore who are curious about switching to propane from another energy source. Some are tired of losing all their systems and appliances during a grid outage. Others want a versatile fuel that can power more than just home heating.

Regardless of the reason for their interest in propane, people want all the facts before changing fuels. One of the topics they wish to discuss is propane’s efficiency, particularly compared to other common energy sources like electricity or natural gas. At Cape Cod Oil & Propane, we have plenty of experience installing propane appliances and providing the most dependable propane delivery in the area. We can give you a full breakdown of propane’s efficiency.

How does propane stack up on efficiency?

Propane is one of the most efficient home fuels. Here are a few key facts that illustrate this:

As you can see, propane offers unparalleled efficiency across a range of home comfort systems and appliances.

Cape Cod Oil & Propane — Delivering efficient home comfort since 1974!

Cape Cod Oil & Propane began with one delivery truck and one service van, but what set us apart was our commitment to our customers’ comfort and peace of mind. We pride ourselves on reliably delivering premium propane.

Beyond that, we also help homeowners across the Cape make the change to efficient clean-burning propane. We can identify the right propane tank for your home’s needs and even set you up with wireless tank monitoring. In fact, we can sometimes complete your home’s change to propane in only one day!

Are you interested in exploring the benefits of converting to propane? Get in touch with our team today to learn more about this fantastic, efficient fuel.