Answers to some of the most frequent home heating questions we get.

heating oil delivery cap cod, massachusetts Have you recently moved into an oil-heated home and aren’t sure how to plan for heating oil delivery?

We get it, and we can help. Since 1974, Cape Cod Oil & Propane has been delivering heating oil from Provincetown to Falmouth and plenty of other communities on the Cape. We can help you get ready for your fuel deliveries.

Here are five questions we commonly hear about heating oil deliveries.

1. When should my heating oil tank be filled?

If you’re a will-call customer, then you need to track your tank levels and call us when the fuel level in your heating oil tank reaches the one-quarter mark. If you let it drop lower, you’re risking a run-out, which is terrible news on a frosty night on the Cape.

If you want to avoid tracking fuel levels or calling for fuel, switch to automatic delivery.

2. What is automatic delivery?

Automatic delivery is the most popular heating oil delivery option that we offer. Cape Cod Oil & Propane’s team handles all the planning for you with this free service. Our state-of-the-art system keeps track of your heating oil levels based on past usage and the weather. Then we deliver fuel before you run low!

3. How should I prepare for my heating oil delivery?

During the winter, our drivers have a lot of deliveries to make. We always appreciate it when our valued customers make the following preparations:

If you take these simple steps, we can get you your fuel as quickly as possible and with little disruption to your day.

4. How much does heating oil cost?

Like gasoline, natural gas and electricity, the price of heating oil fluctuates with energy markets. At Cape Cod Oil & Propane, we are always open and transparent with our pricing, and we work hard to get you the most competitive rate.

We also offer our no-fee Monthly Budget Plan to stabilize your heating oil costs and significantly lower your winter bills. With this plan, you spread your oil costs over 12 even monthly installments. Generally, our budget plans begin in September and run through August.

5. Do I need to fill my oil tank before the summer?

Even though you don’t use nearly as much heating oil in the warmer months, it’s important not to let your tank sit almost empty. The reason is condensation. Empty space in your tank allows condensation to form inside, then settle on the bottom. This leads to bacteria and other microorganisms damaging your tank and clogging your fuel lines.

We recommend keeping your tank at least half full in the summer.

If you’re interested in the most dependable, friendly heating oil delivery in Cape Cod, become a customer today.