Diesel Fuel for Trucks and Buses

On-road diesel fuel explained

diesel fuel Trucks and buses have important jobs to get done. In fact, countless amounts of people rely on these types of vehicles to either get where they need to go or to get certain products that they need. And many trucks and buses wouldn’t be able to operate, run and function without diesel fuel.

The different types of diesel fuel

There are two main types of diesel fuel:

  1. Off-road diesel fuel: This is sometimes also referred to as red diesel fuel and is commonly used to power vehicles that remain off of roads as well as machinery that is used on construction sites and in the agricultural industry. This includes cranes, bobcats, generators, backhoes, bulldozers, tractors, forklifts, harvesters and other heavy-duty farming equipment. This type of diesel fuel is also used within the aviation, mining and traveling industries and is used to power equipment that you find at road shows, carnivals and county fairs. You can not use red off-road diesel fuel in standard commercial vehicles.
  2. On-road diesel fuel: As you may be able to guess from the name, on-road diesel fuel is used for vehicles that drive and stay on the road. This includes fleets of trucks, freighters, school buses and shuttle buses. On-road diesel fuel is also very commonly used by moving companies, excavation companies and landscapers.

The fluctuating price of diesel fuel

The type of vehicles that each kind of diesel fuel is used for is something that stays consistent. However, the same cannot be said for the price of diesel fuel. This is something that constantly goes up and down. The price of diesel fuel is affected and impacted by a few things, including:

Diesel fuel from Cape Cod Oil & Propane

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